Color Grading

We live with color every day, but we don’t often consider what it really is or how it worksOutside our brain color does not really exist. Our brain processes light information and therefor everybody in a way sees colors slightly different, – the green of grass, the rainbow colors on a peacock, the blue of a clear summer sky, and millions of other things. For that same reason the color grading proces of film footage as well as for post production of photography is not just pushing a few sliders. You have to keep track of mathematical issues as well as plain scientific issues due to the behavior of how colors interact.

At Liquid Cake we are specialized in color correction as well as in color grading. Color correction is correcting problems like white balance, matching footage of different cameras etc. while color grading is adjusting color and contrast to serve an artistic choice. Our color graders can make your film footage look like a Hollywood block buster or just in a way that suits the purpose of your film. All our color grading is done in DaVinci Resolve Studio.
We also work with Blackmagic Design color grading panels and with Blackmagic Design Editor Keyboards for ultra fast video editing.

If you want to know what we can do for you feel free to send us a short piece of your raw footage and we give you our artistic interpretation on how your footage can stand out from the competition.