After working in the music business as a songwriter for EMI music and as a composer of commercial music Roland Gaedtgens started Liquid Cake nine years ago, initially as a photography studio. Photography has always been his big passion.The next step to create films was just a small step. His idea was not to just shoot a video but instead to look at footage like he looked at a photograph. He was interested in capturing atmospheres and people, use camera angles and movement in combination with music. And like all things you start out of love eventually can become your core business.

At Liquid Cake we had specific ideas on how we wanted to serve our clients. Therefore we decided to create a complete in-house production unit. We wanted to be able to write the stories based upon strategic company narratives. We wanted to be in control of the (pre) production and be able to fluently influence all the aspects needed to create an optimal situation for the final steps of post-production. In that way, we could oversee every step of the process, keep communication lines as short as possible and we still would be able to keep control over the total production.

In this business time is money, and why would a client spend it if it’s only because of inefficient communication? Having a creative pre and post-production line under one roof creates an optimal watertight workflow.

But how did we achieve that?

Simple, we work with multi-talented people. People with an eye for photography but who also can translate that into a film.  People who know how to write and read a story and function on a film set. People who deliver on the directors’ demand to avoid technical surprises in post-production. We work with film editors who have a background in music, who know the importance of music and timing in a film edit. Another big plus of this workflow is that we offer clients only what they need.

We noticed that customers often run into the creative rigidity of a large agency. At Liquid Cake we wanted to be accessible for clients. You do not always need all the expertise of a large agency. At Liquid Cake we offer the same expertise in strategic, marketing, and creative areas. Because of the multi-talented aspect we can work with small teams and achieve the same results. We offer all expertise separately or combined in different packages. It’s all up to our clients.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in the business of advertising in almost every creative field. That makes us a very experienced and reliable partner. We have done projects in a documentary style which took us almost over two years to follow and capture the whole project. We have done projects in which we shot almost 300 films in just 15 months. We have done extensive research for some of our projects before we even started and we have done commercials which we had to shoot in one day.

All the variation in what we do is what we love most and what moves us. Turning a story into something that will never be forgotten is what makes our job fascinating.