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The world around us is becoming increasingly centered on the visual. From films and commercials to outdoor visual concepts, Liquid Cake focuses on creating and developing inspiring ideas and images that you should feel and almost taste.

We pride ourselves on our story telling skills. We build the story with you taking into account the idea, the atmosphere, color and tempo. We give you a solid story that everyone loves. So whether we do an assignment for Heineken, for Apple or for local businesses, as liquid as we are we always make something special out of it. We do projects from start to finish or participate in projects like doing only the video edits and/or the color grading.

Over the years, we have been working for many different brands. Examples include Albert Heijn, Tommy Hilfiger, McDonalds, Nestle, NS, Signify, Rituals, De Vegetarische Slager, Yes We Can Clinics, Lidl, HEMA, Unilever, DISA International, Remia, Volker Staal en Funderingen/VolkerWessels, Coca Cola, Oil of Olay, MTV, Municipality of Amstelveen, Incision, Samsung, Deniz Bank, Amsterdam Cares, Swisscom , Grolsch, Treasure Dim Sum, Voedingscentrum, Fun Cakes, Parrano, Siemens, ING, Koffie Magazine Boon van Albert Heijn.

Social Agency Hammerfest asked us to shoot the content for a few different online campaign video’s for Valess. The films were shot in collaboration with Duivelseiland Fotografie. All further edits, grading and animations were done by Hammerfest. We were responsible for making the food look as tasty as possible.

For Koffiemagazine Boon, which is part of Albert Heijn, we made a series of 15 online short coffee video’s. The coffee recipes were easy to make and the video had to motivate the viewer to get the recipe and get yourself a great cup of coffee. On our film page you can see some of the tasty shots we made for Boon Koffie/AH

For Sennheiser Liquid Cake was asked by the creative people of Popcorn Brain to do some color grading on the three faces which were edited in this CGI Sennheiser commercial. Besides this commercial we color graded also another 7 online advertising campaign video’s for Sennheiser. Always great working with these guys and girls.

For De Vegetarian Butcher we produced and shot all kinds of 6 seconds online commercials. Besides the shooting we also did all the post production. The film production was again a collaboration between Liquid Cake and Duivelseiland Fotografie Producties.

For Team Lewis we did some high speed film shots for Deliveroo.The film production was again a collaboration between Liquid Cake and Duivelseiland Fotografie Producties.This team has already proven to be a solid team with high expertise on film, high speed filming, color grading, photography and post production.We have been working on over 300 film productions and in-house post production.We are talking real efficiency. Working with Team Lewis and Deliveroo was great and effortless due to great communication, concept and execution.

For Tommy Hilfiger we did all the color grading and video editing for different in-store film campaigns which were all recorded in New York. We did a total of 16 films and each film was also delivered separately in 3 different edits on different canvas sizes. Production was a collaboration between DAS Werk Amsterdam and Liquid Cake.

Popcorn Brain was asked to assist Hertog with their new communication strategy. This resulted in the 1st of a series of beautiful Hertog IJs TV and online commercials. At Liquid Cake we did all the color grading and assisted in the final edit and post production product replacement to make this Popcorn Brain production even more tasty.

Liquid Cake made this beautiful film about the founder of the Yes We Can Clinics. There was a lot of trust involved because of the fact that this was not just an ordinary story. We did a lot of research on forehand and we had intensive one on one conversations just to get the story right.

“Roland and his team managed to get 30 years of my life in 3 minutes of film. Our wish was to visualize my life powerfully and purely in order to give the future families we treat the recognition and confidence. They did this very nicely. Roland is a pleasant and very creative professional.”

Jan Willem Poot, Founder and CEO Yes We Can Clinics International

We shot almost 300 online cooking instruction videos for Albert Heijn/Allerhande and Savory USA. The videos were all filmed, color graded and edited in our studio in Amsterdam. The instruction films were all produced and filmed over a period of 15 month in close collaboration with MPG Group and Duivelseiland Fotografie Producties.

Liquid Cake was commissioned by Khanna Reidinga to film the commercial for the premium HI-Tec V-Lite Wildfire Shoe. We shot the commercial with a Canon C500, Odyssey 7Q and Canon Cinema lenses. All the additional FX were done in Adobe After Effects.The final color grading and video editing was done in DaVinci Resolve Studio at our studio in Amsterdam.

For Parrano Liquid Cake was commissioned by Social Agency Hammerfest to film a variety of online campaigns. The films were shot in collaboration with Duivelseiland Fotografie. All further edits, grading and animations were done by Hammerfest. We were only responsible for making the food look as tasty as possible.

Over a periode of 2 years we made a total of 3 film documentaries for Volker Staal en Funderingen, part of the Koninklijke VolkerWessels Group. The projects concerned the sinking of the two caissons in IJmuiden for the new lock gates. We also filmed the expansion under Paleis het Loo in Apeldoorn for the benefit of the new museum.

VSF brought in Liquid Cake to film our specialist projects. We are very pleased with the professional way in which they have handled this. The way of communicating and acting was very extensive and the feedback was more than good. We are therefore very satisfied with the final result.”
Laurent van Mansfeld, Managing Director Volker Staal en Funderingen

DISA International is a large international offshore company based in Belgium with offices around the globe. In Berlin (Germany) DISA International had just finished a project where two railways had to be connected without disturbing the daily city live of Berlin. Because of the technical difficulty of the project DISA was looking for a partner who could translate this project into a technical 3D animation. Liquid Cake has gone through all the technical ins and outs and in constant close consultation with DISA we developed the 3D animation.

For the Municipality of Amstelveen we created a campaign film to interest people to work for the municipal of Amstelveen.

“Creativity, combined with flexibility and a good sense of quality in relation to our wishes are aspects that have resulted in a beautiful product.”

Hans Schekermans, Project Director Gemeente Amstelveen

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